wxPython 3.0.1 needs a rebuild and issues building 4.0

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wxPython 3.0.1 needs a rebuild and issues building 4.0

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Just making a note here that wxPython 3 seems to need a rebuild - it
complains about an ABI mismatch with wxwidgets when starting, but does
seem to work okay once started.

Would also like to ask if anyone here could help with building wxPython
4 (Phoenix) in Cygwin. There's a relatively long thread between me and
Robin Dunn at
where we were methodically going through and trying to fix the build
issues, but we hit a bit of a roadblock. I shall have some time to work
on this soon, but I thought that one of you will probably have found and
fixed issues like this in the past and may have some insights.

Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty

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