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Re: [bug: login] login command with -f flag fails to switch user account. 0 replies Cygwin list
Re: [PATCH cygport] Fix handling of python{2,3} atoms in DEPEND 0 replies cygwin-apps
Re: [PATCH cygport] Handle meson configuration options containing spaces 0 replies cygwin-apps
mesa 18.0.5-1 0 replies cygwin-announce
[ANNOUNCEMENT] mesa 18.0.5-1 0 replies Cygwin list
Re: [PATCH 3/5] Cygwin: Implement the GNU extension clearenv 0 replies cygwin-patches
Re: [PATCH 0/5] Implement clearenv 0 replies cygwin-patches
tzcode/tzdata 2018e-1 0 replies cygwin-announce
[ANNOUNCEMENT] tzcode/tzdata 2018e-1 0 replies Cygwin list
libtool 2.4.6-6 0 replies cygwin-announce
[ANNOUNCEMENT] libtool 2.4.6-6 0 replies Cygwin list
cygport 0.31.1-1 0 replies cygwin-announce
[ANNOUNCEMENT] cygport 0.31.1-1 0 replies Cygwin list
Re: Necessary/Essential Packages for Cygwin GNOME and KDE Installation 0 replies Cygwin list
Re: Fix declaration of pthread_rwlock_* functions 0 replies cygwin-patches
Re: Spam On List 4 replies Cygwin list
Re: gimp crashes due to libSDL1.2_0 problem 1 reply Cygwin list
nano 2.9.7-1 0 replies cygwin-announce
[ANNOUNCEMENT] nano 2.9.7-1 0 replies Cygwin list
Re: Missing cyggdkcardimage-0.dll for sol.exe in Aisleriot 1 reply Cygwin list
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