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Re: Mintty terminal always opens at 79 char width 0 replies Cygwin list
Re: [ITP] ragel 0 replies cygwin-apps
Re: [ITP] colm 0 replies cygwin-apps
Re: [ITP] kelbt 0.16 0 replies cygwin-apps
Updated: openmpi-3.1.3-1 0 replies cygwin-announce
[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: openmpi-3.1.3-1 0 replies Cygwin list
Updated: libuv-1.24.0-1 0 replies cygwin-announce
[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: libuv-1.24.0-1 0 replies Cygwin list
Re: am getting error bro help 0 replies Cygwin list
Re: [ITA] freeglut 3.0.0 1 reply cygwin-apps
Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: zstd-1.3.7-1 and development headers / libraries 0 replies Cygwin list
Re: [ITA] doxygen 2 replies cygwin-apps
Re: [ITA} gd 2.2.5-2 1 reply cygwin-apps
Updated: gnupg2-2.2.11-1 0 replies cygwin-announce
[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gnupg2-2.2.11-1 0 replies Cygwin list
Re: [ITP] raqm 0.5.0 0 replies cygwin-apps
Updated: postgresql-11.1-1 0 replies cygwin-announce
[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: postgresql-11.1-1 0 replies Cygwin list
Re: long rebasing delay when updating is nuts 0 replies Cygwin list
cygport fails with package starting with number 5 replies Cygwin list
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