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meson 0.41.1-1 0 replies cygwin-announce
[ANNOUNCEMENT] meson 0.41.1-1 0 replies Cygwin list
Re: Starting a xterm window 0 replies Cygwin list
Re: rxvt won't stay running 1 reply Cygwin list
Re: XWIN 0 replies Cygwin list
Re: X: wglMakeCurrent error: 0006 on XUnmapWindow->XMapWindow 0 replies Cygwin list
[PATCH] Update and sort list of cygwin setup command line options. 1 reply cygwin-patches
[PATCH] Update documentation of cygwin setup proxy configuration details 1 reply cygwin-patches
Re: Updated: setup (2.880) 6 replies Cygwin list
[PATCH setup] Accept sites using https:// and ftps:// protocols in mirrors.lst 1 reply cygwin-apps
Re: Installer UI changed; how do I do a full install? 0 replies Cygwin list
Updated: setup (2.880) 0 replies cygwin-announce
[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: setup (2.880) 0 replies Cygwin list
Re: [ITP] xforms 1.2.4 1 reply cygwin-apps
Re: [ITP] geomview 1.9.5 2 replies cygwin-apps
Re: [ITP] mingw64-{i686,x86_64}-libsolv 1 reply cygwin-apps
setup 2.880 release candidate - please test 5 replies Cygwin list
[ITP] mingw64-{i686,x86_64}-libsolv 3 replies cygwin-apps
[PATCH setup 9/9] Avoid messagebox spam with file:// protocol URLs 0 replies cygwin-apps
[PATCH setup 8/9] Fix useless error message 0 replies cygwin-apps
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