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setup.exe exp selection bug

Eric Blake (cygwin)
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This bug just bit me in setup.exe.  I started with bash-3.1-1 (which is no
longer on the mirrors, but used to be available under Exp), and
cvs-1.11.17-1 (Curr, even though 1.11.21-1 is available as Exp).  I want
to upgrade to bash-3.1-2 but leave cvs alone (because cvs 1.11.21 doesn't
want to remember conflicts across multiple updates).  When I get to the
Partial selection screen, under the Exp tab, I am presented with the
option to upgrade bash to 3.1-2 and cvs to 1.11.21-1, but when I change
cvs to Keep, bash is automatically changed to 3.0-14 (since cvs depends on
bash).  Now, when I go back to bash, all I can do is toggle between Keep
and Uninstall; I can never get back to the 3.1-2 that was displayed earlier.

The workaround is to run setup.exe twice - first to upgrade both bash and
cvs, then to downgrade cvs.

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