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setup 2.883 release candidate - please test


A new setup release candidate is available at:    (32 bit version) (64 bit version)

Please test and report problems to [hidden email]. If no regressions
are discovered in the next week or so, it will be promoted to release.

This is not the place for setup feature requests.

Changes compared to 2.882:

- Various improvements to behaviour after a download error
- Don't fatal() on unexpected early window messages
- Remove support for installing from a local directory which doesn't
contain a setup.ini file
- Make 'System Proxy Settings' the default (for new installations) on
the 'Select Connection Type' page, rather than 'Direct'
- Fix reading and writing of the "extrakeys" user setting. Maybe -U/-u
does something useful now?
- Pressing enter in the URL textbox on the "Choose Download Site(s)"
page now does 'Add', rather than 'Next'
- Pressing enter in the search textbox on the "Select Packages" page now
causes the search to be performed, rather than 'Next'
- Fix concatenating depends: from each version description section
- Bullet-proof the way we remove empty categories
- If more than one download site is used, we now require downloading
setup.ini from all of them to succeed, rather than just one of them.
- Various code rearrangements and simplifications

Thanks to Ken Brown for several of these changes.