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Amid all this channel noise about Cygwin vs. Linux/POSIX handling of leading
// in pathnames,
I gotta point out that the Cygwin handling is _hugely_ pragmatic and useful.

It extends the Windows UNC filename notion into a ?nixy network filesystem
namespace in the natural and obvious way.  It puts the corresponding behavior
of the native Windows tools like cmd.exe and "explorer" to shame.  I type the
construct dozens of times per day at the bash prompt; I have aliases, scripts
and tricks ad infinatum that depend on the syntax.

In fact, I believe I have seen some chatter in the true-Linux world about
adopting or adapting the syntax for similar purposes.  Which I find a cheerful
thought: the ardent ancient warriors on both sides are becoming more pragmatic
in their old age.  As am I...

Karl Botts, [hidden email]

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