does rxvt really read /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults/Rxvt as stated in cygwin documentation?

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does rxvt really read /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults/Rxvt as stated in cygwin documentation?

Elizabeth Grace Frank-Backman
In the rxvt documentation shipped with cygwin (as presented by 'man
rxvt') it claims I can set system-wide defaults in a file in a file
named /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults/Rxvt. I've been trying to do that
but rxvt seems to completely ignore the contents of such a file.  If,
however, the same file contents are placed in ~/.Xdefaults it reads them

Is this documentation correct?
I'm having no luck with getting rxvt to read

We do need some sort of system level default  because we are configuring
end user laptops with cygwin - we want a reasonable default set up but
we also want to let the knowledgable user override it - the easiest way
is to have two configuration files - one that gets updated by systems
scripts and one the user maintains.  We would like to reserve
~/.Xdefaults for the user's customizations.

It doesn't appear to be a start up issue.  No matter whether I launch
rxvt from a shortcut (e.g. starting in XP land and moving into the world
of cygwin) or if I start in a bash shell and enter rxvt at the prompt I
have the same problem.  (N.B. in both cases DISPLAY=:0)

rxvt -h produces the following result:

Rxvt v2.7.10 - released: 26 MARCH 2003
Usage: rxvt [-help] [--help]
[-display string] [-tn string] [-geometry geometry] [-C] [-iconic] [-/+rv]
[-/+ls] [-/+j] [-/+sb] [-/+sr] [-/+st] [-/+si] [-/+sk] [-/+sw] [-/+ip]
[-/+ipf] [-/+ut] [-/+vb] [-/+mcc] [-/+tcw] [-bg color] [-fg color]
[-ufbg color] [-pixmap file[;geom]] [-fb fontname] [-fn fontname]
[-fm fontname] [-km mode] [-name string] [-title string] [-n string]
[-cr color] [-pr color] [-bd color] [-sl number] [-w number] [-b number]
[-lsp number] [-sbt number] [-mod modifier] [-xrm string]
[-e command arg ...]


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