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Cygwin-xfree My 2006 CTS runs fine once started. However, in the last month or so it's had difficulty cranking on occasion. When I turn the ignition to start, it sometimes delays to crank. It's as if there is a pause. Today, it actually wouldn't start at all and I had to turn the ignition to off and then back to start a couple times before it started. This has caused my Check Engine Light to come on a few times. It gives the following codes:P0523: Oil Pressure Sensor Circuit HighP0601: Internal Control Module Memory CheckOne one occasion It recorded misfire codes P0300, P0301, P0302; but that only happened once, on a delayed start. It doesn't seem to matter if the engine is cold or warm. Any ideas or suggestions on what to test would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,Brandon

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I am working on a friend of mine's 1975 ford F-250 truck hischarging system is not charging and when i went tothe auto parts store i found out thealternator was not the st one so the parts store matched up the alternator which is aDELCO REMY GM alternator and tested it and the new one was good.So i reinstalled it and the vehicle is stillnot getting a charge the question is on the wiring of the alternatorThere is a battery terminal post (on the back side of the alternator )On the side toward the back a 2 prong plug openingthe battery terminal is connected to my starter solenoid on the battery sidethe 2 prong plug has only 1 wire on the # 2 terminal looping to the battery terminal on the backthe part store tested it again for me and it was good i noticed the 2 prong plug they were testing withhad 2 wires connected not one so is the alternator not turning on because the # 1 terminal on what i believeis the internal voltage regulator is not connectedi need to know what is wrong with thewiring because i checked the wiring in the truck and there is no breaks causing it to not work

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