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[Updated] vttest 20200303

Brian Inglis
The following package has been upgraded in the Cygwin distribution:

* vttest 20200303

Tests the functionality of a VT100 terminal (or emulator thereof). It
tests both display (escape sequence handling) and keyboard.
The program is menu-driven and contains full operating instructions. To
run a given menu-item, you enter its number. You can run all menu-items
(for a given level) by entering an asterisk, i.e, '*'.

It has been enhanced to support and test many xterm control and status
escape sequences, and it is mainly used nowadays for testing emulator

Latest changes include:

+ spelling fixes found with codespell

+ correct a few other highlighting items for Turkish NRCS and DEC
  Supplemental Graphic NRCS

+ correct highlighting for Spanish NRCS pound-sign in character-sets
  (report by James Holderness).

See the project home page for more information: