Updated: fetchmail-6.4.15-1 / fetchmailconf-6.4.15-1

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Updated: fetchmail-6.4.15-1 / fetchmailconf-6.4.15-1

Achim Gratz

The current upstream release of fetchmail is now available on Cygwin.

The upstream release changelog is here:

This release uses the Python3 interpreter as Python2 is now EOL and has
been compiled with support for NTLM, GSSAPI and Kerberos5
authentication, TLSv1.3 is also available.


Upstream no longer tests Kerberos5 and recommends to use GSS-API
instead.  Kerberos5 support will therefore be removed in one of the next
releases on Cygwin.

Packaging Change

The new package fetchmailconf contains the utility with the same name in
order to remove the Python dependency from the main package.  If you
were using the fetchmailconf program, please install this new package to
get the same functionality as before.


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