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Updated: ctags-5.6-1

Warren Young
Version 5.6 of Exuberant Ctags has been uploaded.

Exuberant Ctags is a companion to programmers' editors such as vi and
emacs.  It extracts "tags" from source code, which the editor then uses
to locate symbols in the program on demand.

This release is to track a new upstream release.  It is also the first
version of ctags released under my maintainership.  Please don't bug
Corinna any more about ctags. :)

Changes since previous version:

ctags-5.6 (Mon May 29 2006)
* Reformatted code for independence of tab stop setting.
* Changed default configuration to disable installation of etags links.
* Changed --langmap to first unmap each supplied extension from other
* Added support for ASP constants [ASP, Patch #961842].
* Added support for GNU make extensions [Make].
* Added .mk as extension recognized as a make language file [Make].
* Added missing help for list-maps options [Bug #1201826].
* Added new extension field "typeref" [thanks to Bram Moolenaar].
* Extended functionality of Ruby parser with patch from Elliot Hughes
* Fixed creation of TAGS file with etags-include but no files [Bug #941233].
* Fixed problem reading last line of list file (-L) without final newline.
* Fixed infinite loop that could occur on files without final newline [C,
* Fixed incorrect tag for first field of table [SQL].
* Fixed missing tags for functions beginning with underscore [Sh].
* Fixed missing tags for functions with variable arg list [C, Bug #1201689].
* Fixed parsing problem with parentheses in argument list [C, Bug #1085585].
* Fixed problem in preprocessor directive handling [C, Bug #1086609].

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Re: Updated: ctags-5.6-1

Warren Young
Warren Young wrote:
> Version 5.6 of Exuberant Ctags has been uploaded.

Yes, I know I sent this to the wrong list.... please bear with the
newbie... :)