Terminal emulator hangs on Control-Z

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Terminal emulator hangs on Control-Z

Keith Thompson-3
If I launch a terminal emulator running an interactive command,
then type Control-Z (which would normally suspend the command),
the terminal emulator hangs.  I see this with xterm, mintty, and

I don't see this behavior on Ubuntu, for example. There a Control-Z
is ignored.

Of course typing Control-Z isn't useful if there's no parent shell
to suspend to, but I often do so accidentally.

To reproduce, for example:

    mintty less file.txt

then type Control-Z in the mintty terminal.  The terminal window goes
blank, and can't be closed by clicking the "X" in the window frame.

I'm running the Cygwin X server in multiwindow mode:

    XWin -engine 2 -clipboard -multiwindow -emulate3buttons

(I don't remember why I use "-engine 2".  I don't *think* it's
relevant.  I'll try it later without that argument and post again if
it makes a difference.)

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