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Jason Tishler

See the following:

On Tue, Nov 15, 2005 at 12:48:20PM +0800, Yao G. Zhan wrote:
> I read the mailing list at and found that you made vsftpd
> working on cygwin.
> However, when I tried to compile vsftpd source 2.0.3 downloaded from
>, it turned out to fail because
> lack of ipv6 support in cygwin.
> Would you please figure it out how I can make it run? Can I disable
> ipv6 when compiling?

Sorry, but I haven't tried to compile vsftpd since 1.1.3, so I can't
really help without actually trying to compile 2.0.3 myself.

Why don't you use proftpd 1.2.10 instead, since it is part of the
standard Cygwin distribution?

> Thank you very much!

You are welcome.


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