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Thorsten Glaser

>I'm the maintainer of mksh, the MirBSD Korn Shell, an improved pdksh derivate
>which has been packaged for BSD Ports, Debian GNU/Linux, Gentoo GNU/Linux,
>Crux GNU/Linux, Mac OS X Fink, and works under Interix and Solaris as well.

I have just released mksh R25b with compile fixes for
- older versions of MirBSD
- Cygwin

See for details, as usual.

>If someone wants to make a Cygwin package out of mksh, I'd be very glad.
>Your name will be listed on the mksh homepage
>as contributor as well.

>PS: Making a package should be dead easy, besides, you can look at
>    the aforementioned ports for further hints.

I'd still be glad if people make a package, because this means
users can install mksh directly during their Cygwin setup, and
also, there will be a binary package available.

The licences (I'm counting 4 different ones) in the source pak-
kage are all OSD compliant, but not all are OSI approved (due
to their brain-dead "licence proliferation committee"); I hope
this won't be a problem (it is none anyway if you bought a li-
cence for libcygwin1 from Redhat).

Thanks in advance!


PS: I'd be glad if you Cc: me on answers, I'm not subscribed to the list.
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