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Q: about insectod4.gif

Q: about insectod4.gif

                                              2013.08.23.17:22:16 UT

Hello cygwin folks,

         I teach at a small branch campus of a university.
I administer my own win7 workstation, and greatly
value cygwin because it gives me access to linux-like
FOSS software.

         Over the past few weeks, I have noticed insectod4.gif
scampering around the cygwin main page when I visit to
download the updated installation program.  Personally,
I think insectod4 is kind of quirky and cute, but it makes
other persons nervous.  I agree, these folks are typically
far less experienced with installing/uninstalling software.
They are often people who cannot even use a browser
when presented with a linux box.  However, they _are_
people from whom I need political support when I advocate
for FOSS software at my institution.

           For my own part, I think that I can probably block
insectod4 on my browser, but this is clearly both a political
and an "image" issue.  Not even "stupid" people should be
led by any means to believe that cygwin might harbor
software that is either buggy or infectious.  All that I am
saying is that it would probably be best for insectod4 _not_
to appear on the cygwin main page.

Thank you,

George                                              g_barrick_at_kent_dot_edu
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Re: Q: about insectod4.gif

Christopher Faylor-8
On Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 01:21:46PM -0400, GEORGE BARRICK wrote:
>Q: about insectod4.gif

Refresh your browser.