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Oxy alternative - for pain, Newsletter #809

Jamie From Daily News
Yeah we know. dyqYa8fKjIJ. it doesn't look to have any shielding or anything, so it will pretty rapidly start to deteriorate. will be interesting to see what it looks like when some future salvage crew recovers it. and you just know that as soon as we have.


 February 26, 2018 / Monday / View in browser (http://jdsa.bohemiandeisel.com/879aisjdboh3jgYmrJ%2BlVaOluOFfLFM3poRYohsvJFVLQJTixiOrus8xsslchZrhabKVjjus4MBQRwqz8u%2B%2FrScE8kJypw8Yw%3D%3Demi)


Dallas TX physician discovers a safer alternative to OXY without all the negative side-effects and turmoil.

 Read-More (http://jdsa.bohemiandeisel.com/879aisjdboh3jgYmrJ%2BlVaOluOFfLFM3poRYohsvJFVLQJTixiOrus8xsslchZrhabKVjjus4MBQRwqz8u%2B%2FrScE8kJypw8Yw%3D%3Demi)







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noted. magiging actib na si main account!! grindr > gusto ni friend ng to love and be loved. i know 7 irl couples, na going strong pa den (ung isa kinasal na), that met here in r/ph random discussions.. just sayin sino ung kinasal? i did.

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