Newbie and CygWin with a difference.

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Newbie and CygWin with a difference.

Hi all...

My first call here.

A little story...

22 months ago on www-dot-unix-dot-com I wanted to learn bash shell scripting.
So I dropped a bit of bragging to the site saying that I was going to write
an app' with a difference although I knew absolutely no sehll scripting at all.

I decided on a fully calibrated kids level text mode storage AudioScope.

Over the 22 months this has evolved into something very serious.

It is at version 0.30.40 at the moment and does loads.

About 6 months ago I thought about including CygWin as a platform and after
much jiggery pokery it now is fully functional to the current level.

CygWin has 4 possible capture mocdes.

1) DEMO that use /dev/urandom so that no hardware is needed at all and is used
   as a learning hoe to use it mode.
2) /dev/dsp for low reolution captures.
3) SoundRecorder.exe for CD quality reolution captures.
4) Possibly SoX if the config file is edited manually.

It IS designed on a MacBook Pro and also has QickpTime Player as a capture and
I am also working on ALSA tools too.

However it now has pride of place inside CygWin and although much is needed to
be done you might like it so far.

It can also detect Arduino for DC to LF conditions and has an AF frequecy counter
built in.

It generates ALL signals for calibration and the script also has a part finished
manual that autosave on program exit.

Take a look inside /tmp for the files generated.

Text mode circuits are also in the script two people at and the above site have
voted it 5 stars and it has also had a review in the UK mag Linux Format, April
issue IIRC.

The script is about 115KB in size so far and expect it to grow even further.

CygWin didn't have some of the tools that a fully fledged Linux install has
so I worked around them. I found it mighty interesting doing so...

If you wish to see all photos, snapshots of the project in action the see

The latest upload shows two snapshots of CygWin using SoundRecorder.exe as the capture.
(/dev/dsp was successful some months ago.)
One from a desktop with an external mic attached and one from a laptop with internal mic(s).

I hope you find this newbie and his project interersting...



Bazza, G0LCU...

Team AMIGA...

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