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Intent to disown: fzf

Adam Dinwoodie-2

(Gene, I've CC'd you as you're the only specific person I'm aware of
who may have interest in taking this over and I suspect you're not on
this list.)

The upstream fzf project has retired support for the Ruby version of
their tool in favour of the Go version, and Cygwin doesn't have a Go
compiler. I'd intended to fork and maintain the Ruby version myself,
but I've not had the time to do that work in the past 18 months. As
such, I'm going to officially abandon that maintainership.

In case anyone wants to take over the maintainership and/or the Ruby
fzf project, the code for both the project itself and for packaging it
for Cygwin are available at the below links:

For the avoidance of doubt, I'm absolutely intending to keep
maintaining Git and The Silver Searcher.