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[ITP] notepadqq 1.4.8 legacy-webkit

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notepadqq is a popular notepad++ replacement.?? Below are links to
opensuse and archlinux, both of which have this package in their



The project is GPL3 with home page:


I have uploaded the distribution package along with hint, cygport, and


The hint is automatically generated and the patch uses git.?? To build

cygport notepadqq-legacy-webkit.cygport download

cygport notepadqq-legacy-webkit.cygport all

The latest version of notepadqq requires qt5webengine which isn't in the
cygwin repos.?? As such, I have built the trusty and reliable
legacy-webkit version.?? That branch receives occasional fixes but is no
longer actively developed.?? I can maintain this package but there is
likely no need.?? Rebuilding with the cygport and patch is all that
should be required.