Heart disease becomes a thing of the past with our organ building process

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Heart disease becomes a thing of the past with our organ building process

Avant-Garde Medicine
One Person Dies From Heart Disease Every Minute...But hey Don't Have To BIOLIFE4D

Heart transplants have become a successful way to renew life. The problem is there arn't enough donners and that makes waiting lists very long.

Now imagine is there never had to be another transplant waiting list... That is exactly what BIOLIFE4d is striving for. Science has found a way to print human organs and you can be part of it. Learn more about the process and our public-stock offering.

--Learn More-- (http://iuh.wwwskinnerinc.com/gt687iudjkawwwFKPbzNchQ2OxRaYHUgDH%2F4hGKu865Ky1NMuyDwl3UgOC3kqih1IR%2F0HOMvGE%2BLFIN5b0k4lR7XoYQFdX3gRxZQ%3D%3Dski)


GGC Communicaitons-424
812-wood-st, Johnstown, PA__15902 [exit from future mesages] (http://iuy.wwwskinnerinc.com/t6d78asudjhaswwwFKPbzNchQ2OxRaYHUgDH%2F4hGKu865Ky1NMuyDwl3UgOC3kqih1IR%2F0HOMvGE%2BLFIN5b0k4lR7XoYQFdX3gRxZQ%3D%3Dski)

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