Hdtv Antennas Pull In Free High Definition Programming

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Hdtv Antennas Pull In Free High Definition Programming

Those who buy a new high definition set may not be ready to give up that metal contraption on the roof or are willing to have cable or satellite installed. As such they will be somewhat disappointed in the quality of the picture, especially if they were not informed that an analog signal going to a digital television does not always mean a better picture. For these folks, HDTV antennas can still keep them free of wires and satellite dishes, provided they live close enough to a network broadcast company.

This litmus test will help you in clarifying the above. If one has been watching television with an antenna on their analog TV set, there is a real good chance that with HDTV antennas they will be able to receive digital programming from the same stations. The number of stations it can pick up will be based on the number of stations available within 60 miles of the antenna.

Some folks may say that by experience, for a high definition television a cable or satellite service must be used. But most stations do not broadcast a digital signal for cable and satellite providers and a separate analog signal for everyone else. The broadcasters will be broadcasting a digital signal and if they are picked up by HDTV antennas, the input will be the same as the digital signal from the outside suppliers.

HDTV Antennas Help Melt Interfering Snow

Old analog tuners were easily confused by various types of interferences. The interferences often caused signal loss due to storms, interference from devices inside and outside of the home and in some case weather related phenomenon. HDTV antennas however produce a picture as good as one produced by cable or satellite, without any extra monthly expense.

Since most of the HDTV antennas can be attached to the existing antenna pole, those equipped with a rotor can continue to be used to help point the antenna towards a broadcaster's transmission tower. Typically, HDTV antennas are capable of picking up signal between 50 and 80 miles depending on the strength of the broadcast signal and terrain of the ground between the broadcaster and the receiver's antenna.

Similar restrictions apply to digital tv antenna as are applied to analog signals, except one. And that is, once the signal is pulled in HDTV antenna, it will not be affected by interference from outside influences. If a person wants to use a high definition television without cable, satellite or HDTV antennas, they can secure a converter to change the digital signal to analog to display the local programming.