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Charles Wilson-2
This is a routine update to the latest upstream release.  See below for
the list of changes in the official release since 1.11.17.  If you use
this test release on your production repository, be sure to back it up
first.  In fact, that's always a good idea.  I don't expect any issues,


Changes since 1.11.20:


* Thanks to Serguei E. Leontiev, CVS with Kerberos 5 GSSAPI should
automatically link on FreeBSD 5.x. (bug #14639).

* Thanks to Rahul Bhargava, heavily loaded systems suffering from a disk
crash or power failure will not lose data they claimed to have committed.

* CVS server now handles conflict markers in Entry requests as documented.

* CVS now remembers that binary file merge conflicts occurred until the
timestamp of the updated binary file changes.

* CVS client now saves some bandwidth by not sending the contents of
files with conflicts to the server when it isn't needed.

* CVS now does correct locking during import.

* A problem where the server could block indefinitely waiting for an EOF
from the client when compression was enabled has been fixed.

* `cvs diff' no longer splits its arguments on spaces.

* Thanks to an old report and patch from Stewart Brodie, a potential
crash in response to a corrupt RCS file has been fixed.

* CVS now locks the history and val-tags files before writing to them.
Especially with large repositories, users should no longer see new
warnings about corrupt history records when using the `cvs history'
command.  Existing corrupt history records will still need to be removed
manually.  val-tags corruption should have had less obvious effects, but
removing the CVSROOT/val-tags file and allowing a 1.11.21 or later
version of CVS to regenerate it may eliminate a few odd behaviors and
possibly cause a slight speed up of read transactions in large
repositories over time.


* The RPM spec file works again with the most modern versions of `rpm'.


* We've standardized on Automake 1.9.6 to get some at new features that
make our jobs easier.  See the HACKING file for more on using the
autotools with CVS.

Changes from 1.11.19 to 1.11.20:


* Thanks to a report from Alen Zukich, several minor security issues
have been addressed.  One was a buffer overflow that is potentially
serious but which may not be exploitable, assigned CAN-2005-0753 by the
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures Project <http://www.cve.mitre.org>.
  Other fixes resulting from Alen's report include repair of an
arbitrary free with no known exploit and several plugged memory leaks
and potentially freed NULL pointers which may have been exploitable for
a denial of service attack.

* Thanks to a report from Craig Monson, minor potential vulnerabilities
in the contributed Perl scripts have been fixed. The confirmed
vulnerability could allow the execution of arbitrary code on the CVS
server, but only if a user already had commit access and if one of the
contrib scripts was installed improperly, a condition which should have
been quickly visible to any administrator.  The complete description of
the problem is here:
<https://ccvs.cvshome.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=224>.  If you were
making use of any of the contributed trigger scripts on a CVS server,
you should probably still replace them with the new versions, to be on
the safe side.

   Unfortunately, our fix is incomplete.  Taint-checking has been
enabled in all the contributed Perl scripts intended to be run as
trigger scripts, but no attempt has been made to ensure that they still
run in taint mode.  You will most likely have to tweak the scripts in
some way to make them run.  Please send any patches you find necessary
back to <[hidden email]> so that we may again ship fully enabled
scripts in the future.

   You should also make sure that any home-grown Perl scripts that you
might have installed as CVS triggers also have taint-checking enabled.
This can be done by adding `-T' on the scripts' #! lines.  Please try
running `perldoc perlsec' if you would like more information on general
Perl security and taint-checking.


* Thanks to a report and a patch from Georg Scwharz CVS now builds
without error on IRIX 5.3


* We've standardized on Automake 1.9.5 to get some at new features that
make our jobs easier.  See the HACKING file for more on using the
autotools with CVS.

Changes from 1.11.18 to 1.11.19:


* Thanks to a patch from Jim Hyslop, issuing 'cvs watch on' or 'cvs
watch off' in an empty directory no longer clears any watchers in that

* An intermittant assertion failure in checkout has been fixed.

* Thanks to a report from Chris Bohn, all the source files needed for
the Windows "red file" fix are actually included in the distribution.

* Misc bug and documentation fixes.

Changes from 1.11.17 to 1.11.18:


* Thanks to a report from Gottfried Ganssauge, CVS no longer exits when
it encounters links pointing to paths containing more than 128 characters.

* Thanks to a report from Dan Peterson, error messages from GSSAPI
servers are no longer truncated.

* Thanks to a report from Dan Peterson, attempts to resurrect a file on
the trunk that was added on a branch no longer causes an assertion failure.

* Thanks to a report from Dan Peterson, imports to branches like "1.1."
no longer create corrupt RCS archives.

* Thanks to a report from Chris Bohn, links from J.C. Hamlin, and code
posted by Jonathan Gilligan, we think we have finally corrected the
Windows "red-file" (daylight savings time) bug once and for all.

* Thanks to a patch from Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai, the log_accum.pl script
should no longer elicit warnings from Perl 5.8.5.

* The r* commands (rlog, rls, etc.) can once again handle requests to
run against the entire repository (e.g. `cvs rlog .').  Thanks go to Dan
Peterson for the report.

* A problem where the attempted access of files via tags beginning with
spaces could cause the CVS server to hang has been fixed.  This was a
particular problem with WinCVS clients because users would sometimes
accidentally include spaces in tags pasted into a dialog box.  This fix
also altered some of the error messages generated by the use of invalid
tags.  Thanks go to Dan Peterson for the report.

* Thanks to James E Wilson for a bug fix to modules processing "gcc-core
-a !gcc/f gcc" will no longer exclude gcc/fortran by mistake.

* Thanks to Conrad Pino, the Windows build works once again.

* Misc updates to the manual.


* We've standardized on Automake 1.9.3 to get some at new features that
make our jobs easier.  See the note below on the Autoconf upgrade for
more details.

* We've standardized on Autoconf version 2.59 to get presumed bug fixes
and features, but nothing specific.  Mostly, once we decide to upgrade
one of the autotools we just figure it'll save time later to grab the
most current versions of the others too.  See the HACKING file for more
on using the autotools with CVS.

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