[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cutemaze-1.2.6-1

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cutemaze-1.2.6-1

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The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* cutemaze-1.2.6-1.tar.xz

* cutemaze-1.2.6-1-src.tar.xz
* cutemaze-debuginfo-1.2.6-1.tar.xz

This is an update to the latest upstream.

CuteMaze is a simple, top-down game in which mazes are randomly
generated using one of a choice of several different algorithms.
You move the character through the maze while hunting for targets
(cheese, by default); the game is won once all of these targets
have been picked up.

HomePage: https://gottcode.org/cutemaze/
News: https://github.com/gottcode/cutemaze/releases
Source: https://github.com/gottcode/cutemaze/tree/v1.2.6
License: GPL-3.0 License

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