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Version 4.0.7.post2-4 of "python3-wx" has been marked as stable.

python3-wx is the Python 3 version of the cross-platform GUI toolkit,

This is the fourth revision, and it provides the following packages:

python3-wx (the source package)

python3-wx-common (common files)


python36-wx (wxPython built for Python 3.6)

python37-wx (wxPython built for Python 3.7)

python38-wx (wxPython built for Python 3.8).

This update is a rebuild against wxWidgets3.0-, as several things
such as webview are now enabled, and new patches have been used.

The git repository at
has also been updated.

There are quite a lot of changes here, and I have had to test manually,
so I would very much like feedback if anyone finds any problems with
these packages.



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